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11 lessons learned from community service

It is believed that community service began first in the US back in 1966 with female traffic offenders. It has since spread globally, with numerous countries coming together for good deeds day. Even better, the International Volunteer Day has also been set up for the greater good.

What is community service?

This is when individuals or groups of people come together to do work that positively impacts the community without pay. It is different from volunteering since community service can sometimes be a result of coercion or punishment.

Examples include; tree planting in community parks, cleaning up litter, and repairing community roads. What’s more, it goes beyond now and then volunteering. Some people have extensive projects – like a charter school for kids.

Let’s look at 11 lessons you can learn from community service:

1. You Can Acquire New Skill Sets Through Service to The Community

Are you looking for a cheaper and easier way to acquire that new skill? Community service is the way to go. Trust me, the more you take part in community services, the more you become equipped with an array of skills that will come in handy one day.

For instance, when you come out to join in cooking for the homeless at the homeless shelter, you’ll be amazed by the number of new recipes you might learn.

Want to know some carpentry? Just volunteer to repair the local church or some building, and you’ll find yourself in the company of skilful, kind-hearted volunteers who don’t mind sharing their knowledge with you.

2. To give service, humility is important

Another important life lesson you will learn when you get out of your bubble to participate in community service is the value of humility. Only then will you find out you’re not the best as you have always thought.

You will get to interact with the high and the mighty in societyimportant people who are humble enough to put their daily routine aside and do some good for free. In short, the experience may nicely humble you.

3. Helps Improve Your Community

When we come together for the greater good, our community often gets a face-lift. For example, educating the local community on proper waste disposal or participating in a clean-up exercise will undoubtedly make the environment more appealing.

4. Every Time You Serve the Community, You Take Home a Life Lesson

Every time you take part in community service, you take home a life lesson that will bring you a step closer to realizing your dreams and aspirations in life. Remember, experience is the best teacher.

5. Improves One’s Problem Solving Skills

No activity is without challenges, and community service is not exempted. Just like humans, communities are also faced with problems. Working through a hurdle and overcoming it helps in preparing you for more complex challenges in life.

6. Community Service is a Major Teambuilding Platform

Involving ourselves in community programs allows us to work with other individuals or groups towards a common goal in society. It allows us to appreciate there is strength in unity and diversity.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”— an African Proverb.

7. Helping Out Could Aid in Developing Your Networking and Social Skills

Social and networking skills are a necessity for building both professional and personal relationships. Volunteering in your community allows you to invest in relationships that will help widen your networks, allowing you to pursue new opportunities.

The more you interact with others, the more you become confident and relate efficiently with others. Some learning institutions understand this fact and have even gone on to incorporate community involvement in their system.

8. Developing Leadership Skills

The first step towards becoming a great leader is stepping out of your comfort zone. When you volunteer, you meet and work with new people and familiarize yourself with the neighborhood, hence setting you on the right path.

While running a community project, team members can also offer guidance and support to one another; hence developing leadership skills.

9. Becoming Compassionate

“A kind gesture can reach a wound that only compassion can heal.” Steve Maraboli. Nothing makes you human more than having the desire to lessen or stop other peoples’ suffering through acts of giving.

10.Helping Others Can be Lots of Fun

The most popular benefit of community service is its impact on the community. However, while giving service, you also connect with other individuals who share your interests. You’ll find yourself talking, bonding, cracking jokes, and enjoying yourself as you work.

Besides, getting out of your usual routine to do something different is always a fun experience.

10. Don't Do Drugs

Right! Don’t do drugs or break any other laws for that matter, especially if you hate cleaning the streets for free. I was once in charge of this group sentenced to community service, each one for different reasons, although drugs were the most common factor.

Almost everyone there was miserable. They kept whining and couldn’t wait for time to run out so they could leave. One thing is for sure – it was no fun for them. That’s when I understood community service was so much more fulfilling when done voluntarily, at your convenience.

Bottom line

Always give service with an open mind as there is no limit to what you can learn in the process. Learning is essential to our being. The same way food keeps us alive; learning is indispensable as it nourishes our minds.

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