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6 of the Best Community Volunteer Services for Seniors

6 of the Best Community Volunteer Services for Seniors | Nomos

As people get older, many begin to recognize the importance and value of participating in volunteer work. Various studies have shown that are many benefits of volunteering including people living longer and lower depression rates among those who volunteer. Volunteering can also provide an increase in well-being, health and overall happiness. Below we have listed 6 of the best community volunteer services for seniors offered in the United States.

Senior Corps logo

1. Senior Corps

Senior Corps offers a great program for ages 55 and over called the Foster Grandparents program. The government agency connects people 55+ with children and young people to become their mentors or simply a senior companion. The program allows older people to share their wisdom, experience and guide in various schools, hospitals, rehabilitative facilities and child-care centers.

volunteers of america

2. Volunteer of America

Volunteer of America helps provide affordable housing for seniors to help them live independently. The program aims to prevent older people from spending time in nursing homes or assisted living facilities. Volunteer of America offers support facilities, meals on wheels, companion services and much more. This provides everyone living with the community a place to volunteer, thrive and age in peace.

national park service logo

3. National Park Service

The National Park Service is a great volunteer program which allows seniors to volunteer in helping to protect historical national parks. In doing so, it gives them the opportunity to get outside and be active, all the while having some fun. Volunteering for the National Park is a great way for older people to give back to the environment and gives members an enjoyable and meaningful way to spend their day.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of America

4. Big Brothers Big Sisters of America

This program gives older adults the opportunity to mentor young adults who are in need of a positive role model in their lives. There are plenty of volunteering opportunities including working with children who have parents in jail, family members in the military or participate in general community-based programs. Volunteering at Big Brothers Big Sisters of America has great social benefits, allowing seniors to stay in contact and socialize with the wider community.

Peace Corps logo

5. Peace Corps

Older people are encouraged to join the Peace Crops with there being no age limit to apply. Peace Corps lets people who want to join choose which country to serve in and the type of work they want to do. The Peace Corps is a great opportunity for seniors to join in something exciting and partake in national and community service, helping to create a better world environment for younger generations.

AmeriCorps Seniors logo

6. AmeriCorps Seniors

AmeriCorps is a Corporation for National and Community Service which offers a wide range of volunteer programs for everyone including elderly people. Some examples include programs which allow older people to become foster grandparent and senior companions. The corporation in effect bridges the gap between the young and old in a very special way making it a great place to do some volunteer work.

Seniors who have volunteered and continue to do so, show great improvements in social, mental and physical wellbeing. Engaging with the community, particularly younger generations is great way to give back and create something in a daily, weekly or monthly routine to look forward to. Despite all these positive factors to volunteering we have mentioned, any reason to do it is a good one!

Time banking communities are a great way to educate on volunteering. Connecting like-minded individuals who can organize events that get older people together to patriciate in volunteer work.

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