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Great Food Bank Volunteer Opportunities During COVID-19

Great Food Bank Volunteer Opportunities During COVID-19

During this challenging time, many people around the world are without work and pay making the need for food bank volunteers all the more critical. Volunteering your time at a food bank is a great way to help the individuals and groups within your community during this pandemic. We have put together some great food bank volunteer opportunities you can do, while maintaining safety measures and social distancing protocols.

1. You can volunteer from home

A stay home or quarantine order doesn’t mean you can’t volunteer! There is plenty of volunteer work you can do from home including helping to spread awareness for particular or local food banks and getting involved with fundraising efforts for them online. Staying at home is an easy and risk-free way to help food banks help those who need it the most.

2. You can volunteer in a community kitchen

Many States have community kitchens or food banks with appropriate health and safety measures in place to help distribute food to those in need. Food bank staff can work in spaced out volunteer shifts, at mobile pantries or assist in no-contact tasks like assembling food boxes for distribution. With safety measures in place, volunteering at a food bank is a great way to get out of the house and help feed your community.

3. You can host food drives

Food drives are another great way to help deliver food to your vulnerable neighbors and the community around you. You can deliver food with volunteer staff, host food drives outside your home or even participate in virtual food drives to collect funds for your local food bank. Food drives help make sure the people in your community are feed and are a great interactive way to encourage others to help.

There are many volunteer opportunities you can participate in during this challenging and uncertain time. Providing essential services like food to the community is just one of the selfless and amazing ways you can get involved.

Nomos App For Time Banking

Download the Nomos app to get involved in a time banking community near you, or to start your own time banking community. Join people together on a mission to create food banks or volunteer opportunities to help combat hunger during this pandemic.

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