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How Nomos can help to build a community

Nomos helps to build a community

Communities are often vital in helping individuals achieve a sense of belonging. Communities offer a place of inclusion, where people can bond over common interests or passions and build solid lifelong relationships. When like-minded community members get together, amazing things can happen. Here are some of the best strategies on how to build a strong community.

1. Connect with your neighbors

You can build a community right in your backyard by connecting with your neighbors and building meaningful ties with them. There are many ways to get to know your neighbors. You can start a community garden, for example.

Organic gardening is a great way to bring people together (both young and old). Growing your own produce helps encourage more local food production and a healthier neighbourhood! People can get outside in the fresh air and bond while doing something wonderful to help the environment.

Time banks are another excellent way to interact with the people in your neighborhood. Joining a time bank lets you exchange time for various services. These services can include house painting, babysitting, help with your electronics, gardening and many more similar tasks. Download the Nomos App to find a local time bank to join![1]

Additional neighbourhood activities that you can take part in can include book clubs, planning social gatherings, and getting involved in volunteer work. No matter the activity, interacting with your neighbors is a great way to create a local community and build strong relationships.

2. Organize an event

What better way to get to know others and have fun at the same time than by throwing a fun event. From a big food festival to a small backyard party, events are a perfect excuse to get a group of people together and foster a sense of community.

You can get people to attend your event by reaching your friend directly, advertising in local newspapers and posting on existing digital communities on social media or Reddit.

Events are a great way for people to socialize and bond over common interests. From them, future events can be planned, and long-lasting communities can flourish and continue to grow.

3. Build an online community

Online communities are great not only for businesses but also for the customers who are loyal to them. Brands that foster community are so successful because they clearly care about their customer. They interact with them and provide a forum for customers to ask and answer questions and talk to one another. This allows brands to facilitate relationships by bringing people together.

Here are some steps on how to build a strong online community for your brand:

i. Identify your community leader

Team members should be delegated specific jobs within the online community with a community manager or leader at the top. The manager should work closely with community members and ensure everything is running smoothly. Team members should create content and encourage people to participate in the group and ultimately buy products.

ii. Create a purpose

Your online community should have a clear purpose. People should understand why they are joining it and what they are going to get out of it. For example, if your community is for proud dog owners, members will want to know information from people who own dogs. Your community purpose is to give dog owners access to primary information that they may not be able to easily find online.

iii. Choose a platform

The web has many online platforms that will allow you to easily build an online community. A weighing factor in choosing one, should be how many people are you planning to have in your community. For example, a WhatsApp group chat would be perfect for 10 people, whereas a Facebook group would be much more appropriate for bigger communities.

iv. Promote your community

Get people to join by partnering with influencers, inviting your contacts or implementing a referral program. Spread the word and let the community organically grow.

Online communities are great for brands to build awareness and drive positive conversations. A great example of a brand and online community which continues to be successful is Airbnb.[2] Airbnb has over one million hosting members located all over the world. They have created a community that helps provide value not only to the hosts but to the end consumer too. Their platform is great because it allows for relevant and productive discussion among members. Hosts can discuss local issues and get around the clock support.

Airbnb proves that with the right people, online communities can become one of the most powerful marketing tools and help create an amazing brand.

Building an online community as a business or even as an individual is a fast and effective way to reach like-minded people all over the world. Online communities are a great way to provide people with a sense of belonging and a safe space to share thoughts and ideas.

4. Implement the following steps to keep your community thriving

Once your community is established and growing, it is important to keep it relevant and thriving. You can take the following steps to ensure your community thrives for many years to come:

i. Continue building trust

Everyone in your community should feel like they can trust one another. It is important to get people together in person or online to create intimate and meaningful interactions. Hosting dinners at home or organizing outdoor events gets people talking and provides them the opportunity to create trusting relationships.

ii. Reward members

Community membership should feel like a valuable experience for all participants. A good way to ensure members are happy is to ask for feedback and take on board any opinion or criticism. Everyone should feel included and like they are making a meaningful contribution in their particular community.

iii. Fuel participation

Encourage people in your community to take part in various events, conversations and recruit others to join. Members should be regularly be involved with and interacting with one another to ensure the community is strong and proactive. By encouraging and fueling active participation, the community will continue to grow.

Rounding Things Up

Putting yourself out there, building relationships and creating successful communities may not always be easy, but it is a rewarding experience. People feel better when they are around others who share similar interests, backgrounds or goals. Fostering a healthy community is a great and healthy way to contribute to society and provide people with a sense of belonging.

How can the Nomos App Help you?

Download the Nomos App to connect with people who have common interests and create your very own community. Time banking is an amazing way to meet new and interesting people and create strong and lasting friendships. All this can be achieved via the time banking app which you can download from here.



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