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TOP 5 Time Bank Softwares

Homos as a timebank software

Timebanking communities around the world have never grown faster than they are today. With hundreds of thousands globally active in a community already, increasing numbers of new participants are joining in to offer their services as the currency of time. Whether spending an hour on an elderly neighbor’s garden, babysitting a working moms kids, or performing odd jobs around a house, people are trading their time for credits which they can cash in for the time of others.

Helping communities come together and grow using this time as a currency model has never been more important than it is now. The pandemic has left people unable to work, unable to enjoy their lives as once before, and sometimes, unable to eat. Timebanking will not rid the world of this horrible virus, but it will help communities to come out the other side.

How Time Bank Software & Technology is Aiding Communities

While both the concept and history of timebanking dates back 200 years, it is ironically being increasingly adopted in modern times thanks to technology. You can imagine that it was previously difficult to know about timebanking communities, let alone find them, join them, and become an active participant. Nowadays, thanks to the information superhighway that we have at our fingertips, all the above is far easier to achieve.

Websites, forums, and social media platforms give us the ability to find timebanking communities, take part in them, and even create our own. Even better, is that there are now a bunch of innovative pieces of timebanking-specific software available. These have made it far easier for timebanking communities to continue their wonderful work of trading hours as currency.

There are some great timabanking applications that you can use and we have provided some suggestions. Listed in no particular order, the following are what we consider being the top 5 time bank software currently available.

community weaver 3 logo

1. TimeBanks USA - Community Weaver 3

TimeBanks USA is a fantastic non-profit organization that has worked hard to bring awareness to timebanking and supporting timebanks across America for the past 25-years. They are a big reason there is such a strong timebanking community in the USA, and they deserve great credit for that.

To help enable people to create their own timebanks, they have developed their Community Weaver software. Now available in its third version, Community Weaver 3 makes life so much easier when trying to manage, support, and organise your timebanking community.

This web-based software allows you to own a central TimeBanks website, invite and allow access for community members, post alerts, events, record timebanking exchanges, and more. Essentially, this is an out of the box website that is ready-to-go and timebanking specific.

You can create a Community Weaver 3 account here...

hourworld logo

2. hOurworld - Talents for Time

Understanding just how much local communities benefit from timebanking, hOurworld is another non-profit organization that provides many timebanking resources. One such resource is their Time for Talents software which comes with free hosting for everyone in the US.

Popular among timebanking communities not just in the US, but also the UK, this software offers fantastic functionality. Although fairly basic compared to some other tools listed, Talents for Time is open-source and therefore consistently developing. Similar to Community Weaver, Talents for Time leads the way for producing reports and the training classes that it provides.

3. The Nomos App

Without wanting to blow our own trumpet, our Nomos app is also a splendid piece of timebanking software. A downloadable app for iOS and Android mobile devices, our platform will allow you to create, connect, interact, and work alongside time banks.

You can use it to create your own timebanking community, find and connect with others , offer and receive services, and join activities. It allows you to monitor the community, keep track of time credits, and interact with like-minded participants.

Think of it as your all-in-one timebanking resource.

timebanking uk logo

4. Timebanking UK - Time Online 2

A national charity in the United Kingdom, TimeBanking UK was first established two decades ago. Bringing awareness and promoting the concept of timebanking in that time, they have now overseen the emergence of close to 300 communities and the completion of over 5.5 million hours.

To give timebanking communities the ultimate tool, they developed Time Online 2. Designed to help with the day to day running of communities, members can log in to post their offers or accept those offered by others. The software also boasts excellent reporting capabilities and is even available in a mobile app version.

Check out the Timebanking UK organization here...

Time Republik Logo

5. Time Republik

Another popular Timebanking app is Time Republik. This app allows people to share their passion and skills in a community that earns and spends a time currency labelled TimeCoins. This app is something timebanking communities can use locally or individuals can swap time working remotely.

For example, if someone needs an article written on their website, an online writer can earn TimeCoins and then spend those TimeCoins on a web developer to create their own blog where the writer can showcase his or her writing talents.

In line with the community spirit of timebanking all jobs are equal on this app, so it does not pay a lawyer more than a writer or a teacher less than an accountant. It is obviously a concept that works well because right now Time Republik claims to have over 100,000 talents within its global community, sharing their skills and swapping TimeCoins.

Check out the app here at Time Republik...

Getting Involved in Timebanking has Never Been Easier

By using one or a combination of the above pieces of software, you can give back to your community in a more efficient manner. Whether you are looking to start your own timekeeping community or find an existing one near you, this will no longer be difficult to do.

As a timebanking community leader, you will never lose track of the activities and events taking place, or time transactions that have taken place. You can post alerts to all members and manage everything from a central location. As a member, you can keep track of your time credits, communicate with other members, and take up offers of time or provide your own.

As a member, you can keep track of your time credits, communicate with other members, and take up offers of time or provide your own.

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